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Toys for the Big Boys – RC Cars

Toys for the Big Boys – RC Cars

Just because you are an adult, it doesn’t mean that you can’t have a toy hobby. One very popular hobby for big boys is “radio controlled” devices and RC cars. This is not just a hobby for big boys but boys (and girls) of all ages. It is also an excellent hobby for father/mother and child to participate in together.

These devices can be RC cars, off-road buggies, motorcycles, trucks, fantasy vehicles, airplanes, blimps, helicopters, sailboats, motor boats, submarines, robots, and animals. These models are of a very high quality and are quite “life-like” with working mechanical parts. The models are self-powered and controlled at a distance by an operator using the specialized transmitter. The transmitter communicates with the receiver (an antenna and circuit board) inside the toy. The signals from the transmitter operate and command the toy.

Blue RC Car

RC car ready for fun

Many of RC hobbyists start with either a car or truck which is run on the ground and easier to control before perhaps graduating to a helicopter or airplane that must be controlled in the air or a boat or submarine RC device that must be controlled in the water.
RC hobbyists can purchase their RC device already assembled at the factory. These devices are ready to go out of the box though many owners make modifications. Some people that like RC hobbies prefer to purchase a kit and assemble their RC device themselves. While this may be a satisfying and learning experience, it does take time and effort. However, buying a kit and assembling the vehicle yourself may be beneficial when it comes to making future modifications or repairs if they continue to participate in this hobby.

Many RC hobbyists enjoy going to an empty lot and racing their RC cars by themselves to see how fast they go or how quickly they can maneuver. Other hobbyists enjoy participating in competitions with other RC hobbyists pitting their skill and vehicle against others.
RC hobbies are fun and affordable. RC toys have existed since the 1960s, but in the last decade with advances in technology, this hobby has again attracted a great deal of attention.

It depends on where you will be running your RC car as to what type would be best. For example, if you want to run your RC vehicle across terrain or racing it around a vacant parking lot depends on the style of vehicle you should choose. If looking to run your vehicle across terrain then one of the most popular RC cars is the Off-Road Buggy. This vehicle has large tires, better suspension, and a higher ground clearance than some of the other models. However, it does not have the speed of some of the cars which have a more aerodynamic design.

Do you know a big boy or little boy that would enjoy RC hobbies? Many local big box and specialty stores carry these products; however, to save time and perhaps money consider looking to purchase these items online.