Monday , October 22nd 2018
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RC Planes are More than Just a Toy

They’re made out of plastic foam and usually come in an assortment of colors.  You can put them together and spend hours playing with them.  They bring excitement to many; the same excitement felt as a child when walking into a toy shop.  In fact, they look a lot like a toy.  So this brings me to the question, RC planes, are they just toys?

Toys are brightly colored and usually made of some sort of plastic, sometimes you buy them and put them together yourself.  They certainly bring excitement into a child’s eyes and are made with the younger person in mind.  The bright colors, particular shapes and materials are all factors of a toy that are there to be a part of the learning experience for children as well as to entice them to want the product.

Now when an adult or let’s say the older kid walks into a hobby RC plane shop, there are many similarities in the way the RC planes are packaged to the toys.  They are also colored and designed to entice you to want the product.  I think the idea is to bring out the inner child, flood you with memories of how it felt to be a child and walking into a toy shop.  Then once you’ve bought an RC Plane, just as you do with a toy, you spend time playing with it.  But I think that where the similarities end.

RC Planes are more than just fun and games; there is real enthusiast out there who go out and take lessons to fly these planes and spend hours on perfecting their flying and not forgetting to build these planes to look a certain way.  There are clubs they can join and endless forums to talk about their planes.  It’s actually a pretty cool hobby, and it sure beats collecting coins or stamps.  So where toys are for educational use, RC Planes are more passion driven and something enjoyable to pass the time with.  So my conclusion would be that RC Planes are not toys at all, they’re more meaningful and are more to do with enjoying one’s free time.