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Novcolxya Model Cars RC Electric Racing Car 1/18 Scale Off-Road 2.4-Ghz Radio Remote control 4WD High Speed 30MPH, White

Product Features:

    Specifications:Original Battery of Car: 7.4V 850 mah (Included)Playing Time of Original Battery: 20-25 mins (Depends on playing operations)Charging Time: More than 2 hoursRemote Control Battery: 3* AA Battery ( Included)Please Note: To maintain the stability condition of the battery, please remove it from the toy car when charging, otherwise,…
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Product Description

Original Battery of Car: 7.4V 850 mah (Included)
Playing Time of Original Battery: 20-25 mins (Depends on playing operations)
Charging Time: More than 2 hours
Remote Control Battery: 3* AA Battery ( Included)

Please Note:
To maintain the stability condition of the battery, please remove it from the toy car when charging, otherwise, it can damage the battery lifespan.

Package Included:
1* RC Car
1* Remote Control
1* USB Chargering cable
1* 850MAH Battery
1* User Manual
3* 1.5V AA Batteries

Note: Charger NOT included! TROUBLE SHOOTING STEPS – i. Both light on: switch the truck’s power off and back on and wait 5 to 10 seconds. If this does not solve the problem, the truck’s receptor is likely not working. ii. Only truck headlights on: re-arrange or replace the AA batteries in the remote controller. If the red light on the remote still doesn’t come on, the controller is defective. iii. Only remote light on: Re-connect the in-car battery pack and inspect the wires. If no visible wire damage is found but the car is still not on, charge the battery for 30 minutes and reconnect it with the car. If the actions above do not turn on the truck, the battery is likely the problem. 2 Inspect the connection between the front wheels and the chassis. Likely some parts in this area are missing or broken. 3The gears on the drivetrain is likely worn off. To replace the drivetrain, take off the cover. The screws in both the front and the rear bumper will need to be taken out in order to free the cover. 4. Turn on the remote, then turn on the truck. Once the remote control is paired with the truck, gently pull the throttle trigger, then push. If nothing happens when the trigger is pulled or pushed, the receptor will need to be replaced.

Product Features

  • Full proportion 1/18 scale vehicle with 4-wheel drive with independent suspension system
  • Indoor safe and outdoor ready! Does not leave mark on furniture or wall, and splashproof with heavy duty chassis and protective film over body.
  • All terrain drive! No problem running on carpet, tile, open road, grass, puddle, mud, etc.
  • Powerful and fast! GP Brushed 380 motor with overheat protection, combined with 7.4V 850mAh Li-Po in-car battery pack with charge protection, produces 25 mph (miles per hour) top speed
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