Monday , October 22nd 2018
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Gas Powered RC Boats – RTR Nitro Powered Boats

Gas powered RC Boats are generally more expensive than their electric counterparts. This is because RC boats hobbyist sees several advantages in them than in regular electric boats. One of the major advantages this type of boat has is speed. Normally, electric motors provide less speed and power than the gasoline engine. This makes it possible to build bigger Radio Controlled boats that can run at very high speeds. It is these high speeds that compel many experienced boat hobbyist to graduate to the bigger and faster gasoline RC boats.

There are two types of gas powered RC boats; There is the gasoline powered boat and the nitro powered boat. The gas powered boats are powered by the standard automobile fuel. These boats usually have a two stroke engine that may have a big as a 25cc engine. All gas powered boats are constructed to emulate the power boat or motor boat design. This design has several variations centered on the hull or the main body of the boat. The Vee-hull design is the most common as it provides relatively high speeds without compromising on the balance of the boat. Hydro hull boats are probably the fastest, but they tend to have very poor balance at high speeds.

If you want an even faster boat, Nitro powered RC boats will provide the speeds you want. This type of boat is powered by Nitro-Methane, an organic compound used in race cars. Nitromethane is a better propellant because it uses less oxygen per unit of fuel than gasoline. It is for this reason that the nitro-powered boat is more powerful and faster than the gas powered RC boats. It is also noisier than the gas powered boat, although some hobbyists prefer louder boats because they add more thrill to the game of boat racing.

A gas powered boat is faster and provides a greater thrill to an enthusiast, but it comes with its own challenges. Some boats can travel at very high speeds, sometimes more than 50mph. This is considered by some people to be very dangerous, to the normal users of rivers and other water bodies. This is why have outlawed the use of Gas powered boats and only allow electric ones. It is advisable to check with your local authorities on what the law says about the use of these boats to avoid getting on the wrong side of the law.

Gas powered RC boats can be large or small, expensive or cheap and are made by awesome brands like RTR gas RC boats and RC nitro gas boats.  You can often find RC gas boats for sale quite cheap, and when you feel the jet drive, you’ll know you made a good investment!

A gas powered boat may also cause problems between you and your neighbors. Gas powered boats have the disadvantage of being very noisy. The Nitro powered boats are even noisier. Even if you are going to be using this in the privacy of your home, you should consider the issue of noise pollution. People whose houses are very close to their neighbors should consider getting an electric RC boat. The boat may also leave a powerful smell of fuel when used for a long time. You should, therefore, make a point of choosing a suitable location to use these boats to avoid offending your neighbors.